[journal] wonderful concert bands in Japan:

I’m trying to white to this journal every day. But I don’t wrote yesterday so today journal is little long one.

I’d like to introduce some concert band. There is the three of Popular Concert Band in Japan. 2 Bands in Tokyo, 1 Band in Osaka.

[Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra]
It is called TKWO for short. This band has been growing rapidly by Mr. Frederick Fennell as Principal Conductor since 1984.
This band has been sponsored by the religious organization called Rissho Kosei-kai.
Many of the fans expected to Takeshi Ooi, who was appointed to the positive conductor last year. I also liked his performance.

[Siena wind Orchestra]
This Bands formed in 1990, and active in many fields. Yutaka Sado became chief conductor of the band in 2002.
Siena features not only a serious brass band work, rock and jazz, but that it also played aggressively, such as film music. They appear well to television. Famous even among the general Japanese for that.

[Osaka Shion Wind Orchestra]
They are the oldest Professional band in Japan. This band was formed in 1923 by some of the bandsman of the military band. They are a long period of time, was working as a band of Osaka City. Therefore bandsman of this band was the official of Osaka City. Now, it has been run in the same way the other two bands.
Their selection of music there are many things funny than Tokyo. It is the influence of Miyagawa Akira as music Director, and it’s because of the nature of people characteristics at Osaka.

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