[journal] Very regrettable.:

A cool day continues recently. The next season came to Tokyo.
Today is Regular concert by Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra. They’re one of the most wonderful professional bands in Japan.
But, unfortunately I couldn’t hear this concert… Very regrettable.

Mr.Yoshio Nakahashi which has gone out to a concert was acclaimed about Takeshi Ooi of a conductor. (Mr. Nakahashi is a femous wind-music conposer in Japan)

Today Programs↓

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[journal] with wonderful Composers!:

Today is a meeting of “composer’s meeting”in Kanda, Tokyo. Masahiro Sakata, Keiichi Kurokawa, Sakai Takamasa, Daisuke Ehara, and Hiroki Takahashi were there. They’re the composer releasing a lot of works in Japan. I respected them very much and very glad to attend to the meeting.
We gather in BRAIN MUSIC often for meeting. (http://www.brain-music.com/).
I always feel grateful to them!

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[journal] Rome was not built in a day:

I’m webmaster of “Band-searchlight”. It’s a pleasure to meet you.I’m an English beginner, (very very beginner!! )but I was loving music and was specializing by a university.
I make the site with Japanese basically up to now. But band directors, my friend encouraged me. So, I’d like often to contribute a journal in English from today.

My Website is http://band-searchlight.com/

I’m going to have to get to it now!

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